Agent Empathy

Empathy Made Simple – Win Trust, Win More Listings, and Win Over Anxious Buyers

  • Show empathy for the top vendor and buyer challenges to win trust, make sales, and get more word-of-mouth referrals as an honest and upfront agent.
  • Solve the challenges with SoldOnline and grow your business even faster!

In our last article, The Three Things Vendors Want but Can’t Get, we looked at some of the advantages and disadvantages of traditional auctions and private treaty/EOI, and how SoldOnline is designed to offer ‘the best of both worlds,’ and even a little bit more. We also discussed the importance of showing empathy with your clients to build trust, a tried-and-tested sales technique that works – whether you’re trying to win a listing from a vendor or lure a buyer into making an offer or registering to bid.

Because empathy doesn’t come naturally to everybody, we’ve put together this handy ‘cheat sheet’ to let you know the pet hates of buyers and vendors, so you can explain how an online auction with SoldOnline eliminates all of these downsides.

Even if your vendor doesn’t opt for an online auction, just being able to demonstrate that you understand and empathize with their concerns and fears (and the concerns and fears of their property’s potential buyers – see further below) will help you win their trust and win the listing:

When it comes to buyers, you generally won’t have the power to ‘solve’ their pet hates unless the vendor is open to an online auction using SoldOnline. However, empathizing with them and showing them you can relate to their challenges will still help you win their trust and convince them you’re being honest and upfront with them – unfortunately, not always the words people use to describe real estate agents. (Going back to our article on Differentiation, ‘honest and upfront’ is a great point of difference to be known for.)