Real Estate Online Auction

Rural agents turn to effective virtual online auction platform to seal the deal

Agents with in-demand rural properties are turning to leading virtual online auction platform SoldOnline, to not only reach wider audiences around Australia, but for it to be the decisive final element of the financial transaction between the vendor and buyer.


As more Australians are looking at investing in larger parcels of land in regional Australia, whether it is for their ultimate tree change or setting up their own idyllic hobby farm, rural agents need reliable and transparent platforms to keep up with the growing demand and be able to engage with even more buyers to maximise results for their vendors.

As an effective online auction portal, SoldOnline is a convenient and transparent platform which has been embraced by regional real estate agents around Australia.

As a seasoned agent for more than 20 years, Lynnell Vohland, Elders Roma, knows too well the pitfalls and challenges rural agents face if they are complacent with their vendors.

“We have to use the most effective means to complete the sale.  For some, it’s a private sale and for others, it’s a traditional face to face auction.  Using online auctions is certainly not the poor cousin for an effective auction transaction.  In fact, I believe it’s the future and I’ve found SoldOnline to be one of the most innovative and reliable platforms on the market.  Any serious agent needs to have a solution like SoldOnline up their sleeve as part of their business repertoire today and going forward in this market.

“Despite Roma’s relatively small population, it has and will always have a big impact and lure with its property demand.  Industries such as gas and oil, as well as being health and education hubs, play a significant part in Roma’s make up.  We have always seen and will continue to see heavy investment in Roma.  SoldOnline will give our vendors the best opportunity to bring in more bidders who we may have never known existed if we had decided to stick with traditional offline methods.”

“Our vendors demand that we are proactive and look at innovative options to get solid results.  We are leaders in our market so we cannot stall or have time to pause, especially during these unsettling times. And post Covid, SoldOnline will continue to be our go-to platform.”

“Selling through a platform like SoldOnline makes it easy for buyers to bid on regional properties – whether it’s a cosy three-bedroom weatherboard or a sprawling 1,112-acre property.  Buyers  can remain anonymous and enjoy the convenience of bidding from the comfort of their home.”

“I’ve watched their performance in the rural and regional sector and believe SoldOnline will redefine how rural agents sell their properties.”

Enquiries have been running hot for JacksonWall Director, Shena Jackson, who recently listed a stunning four-bedroom family home on 7-acres in Alpine, Southern Highlands.

“We already have had enquiries from around Australia for the Alpine property, including one enquiry from Western Australia who I am confident will be a registered bidder for the 16th June online auction.  That is the beauty of listing with SoldOnline.  We have potential bidders from many metro centres dipping their toe into regional properties to not only invest in a sweet  regional escape, but for some, as a possible permanent tree change.”

“JacksonWall has sold a number of properties with SoldOnline over a number of years which include residential, apartments, rural & commercial.  We have always found it to be a reliable and transparent business tool.  Moving forward from COVID-19, the SoldOnline platform will continue to be an important part of our business. We are seeing an interesting pattern where Sydneysiders are looking at fleeing from the city centre to regions such as the Southern Highlands.  I am expecting that demand will continue to grow.”

Leading Australian auctioneer and SoldOnline founder, David Scholes, has experienced an unprecedented level of enquiry from agents in regional areas in recent weeks.

“We are fully anticipating that during recovery and post Covid, SoldOnline will be brimming with regional listings in various shapes and sizes, with an equal level of demand from bidders on the auction days.  There is a clear shift that many urban dwellers are looking at regional alternatives for a lifestyle or investment change.  SoldOnline is the only platform available to allow interested parties to bid over a period of days, rather than minutes, as seen in traditional auctions.”